Allergy Alert Testing Policy

It is a legal requirement and for your safety that you must have a skin test at the very least, 48 hours prior to your first colouring or lightening appointment. You will be required to attend a short consultation for this to be carried out. At this consultation you will be required to complete a small form which allows me to carry out your allergy alert test accurately and specific to you as an individual.. Your allergy alert test will then have to be renewed every 3 months in accordance with the NHBF protocol, my manufactures instructions and Insurance policy. However if your consultation raises any concerns you may be required for your safety to have an allergy alert test prior to every colour or lightening appoinment with Oh Prettie Hair.This will be discussed with you.

You will also be required to have an allergy alert test prior to any colour or lightening service if any of the following arise:

– If you have recently had the Covid-19 Vaccination
-You have any changes to or start any new
– If you have recently had any surgery
– If you’ve recently had any new allergic reactions to

This is because all of the above could cause a reaction to the products being used. This is all taken into consideration for your safety. It is your responsibility to disclose all correct information and be truthful. Failure to do so will leave you and solely you responsible for any contra – indications that may arise. In the event of false information being given Chloe Stow of Oh Prettie Hair and Oh Prettie Hair will accept no responsibilty or be held responsible.

Carrying out the test step by step: 

  1.  You will be required to read this policy and complete the form provided. 
  1.  I will then carry out necessary hair tests to check your hair condition. 
  1.  I will clean a small area behind your ear and apply a small amount of Colouring product that has been prepared as it would be at your appointment following the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  1.  This needs to be left to dry for 24 hours and then can be rinsed off, you must contact myself 24 hours after your allergy alert test to report if any reaction occured or not.

If any reaction occurs, if you feel any intense itching, pain, burning sensations, have any obvious signs of a reaction such as a rash, etc… you must rinse the product immediately with cold water and seek medical advice from a medical professional by calling 111, contacting your GP or in more severe instances attending your local emergency department.